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The South African freediving federation is the sport body where the members are recognized provincially and nationally when competing in a freediving competitions. SAFF recognises its responsibility to promote and represent freediving in South Africa.  Furthermore, it is the desire of SAFF to conform to the rules, requirements, standards and procedures in order to ensure and promote good sportsmanship, safety and quality freedive training, education and competition.

The SAFF is formed for the purpose of promoting safe freediving in South Africa and to encourage and foster an attitute of awareness for the conservation and preservation of the underwater environment.

The SAFF shall co-ordinate, arrange competitions and promote member participation in provincial, national and international competitions. Furthermore the SAFF shall encourage members to follow safe freediving practices and attend courses which promote safe freediving practices.

The SAFF shall be run by and for its members and is a not-for-profit organisation for the development of freediving and freedive related activities in South Africa.

The SAFF sets the benchmark for freedive standards and activity including sportsmanship and safety.

The SAFF shall ratify and regulate SA freediving performances and records in accordance with the rules and regulations set out under the rules of SAFF,  CMAS, Pure Apnea and AIDA International, or any other body voted as acceptable by the committee.